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The Clinician Workplace Violence Prevention Online Training is an essential program crafted to empower healthcare professionals with the expertise to manage and prevent workplace violence within clinical settings effectively. This comprehensive course delves into practical and relevant topics to bolster the safety and overall well-being of clinicians and patients. Accessible to all clinicians engaging in indirect patient interaction, the training provides invaluable insights into various aspects, including understanding one’s role, de-escalation techniques, trauma-informed care, spatial and environmental safety, decision-making, articulation, documentation, escort holds, and limited control techniques for safeguarding against life-threatening situations.

Conclusion: Upon finishing this Online Workplace Violence Prevention Course, participants will acquire the expertise and capabilities essential for effectively managing situations with potential for violence in the workplace. They will be equipped to cultivate a secure healthcare environment, enhancing patient care. Through comprehending their responsibilities, applying de-escalation strategies, embracing trauma-informed care methodologies, ensuring spatial and environmental safety, and mastering decision-making and self-defense skills, participants will play a pivotal role in establishing a workplace that is both secure and supportive for all stakeholders.

In the online workplace violence prevention course, student evaluation will primarily be conducted through online quizzes designed to assess their comprehension of key concepts and strategies related to preventing workplace violence.

The scoring system will provide immediate feedback, allowing students to gauge their understanding and reinforcing their knowledge for a comprehensive grasp of workplace violence prevention measures.