Courage Care: 8-Hour Training In-Person

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The 8-hour Workplace Violence Prevention Training for Clinicians is a crucial program designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to handle and prevent workplace violence in clinical settings effectively. This course covers a wide range of realistic, applicable, and appropriate topics to enhance the safety and well-being of clinicians and patients. It is open to all clinicians with in-direct patient interaction. It offers valuable insights into understanding one’s role, de-escalation techniques, trauma-informed care, spatial and environmental safety, decision-making, articulation, documentation, escort holds, and limited control techniques for defending against life-threatening situations.

Conclusion: Upon completion of this 8-hour Workplace Violence Prevention Training, clinicians will have the knowledge and skills needed to confidently handle potentially violent situations, foster a safer healthcare environment, and provide better care for patients. By understanding their roles, implementing de-escalation techniques, adopting trauma-informed care practices, ensuring spatial and environmental safety, and mastering decision-making and self-defense techniques, clinicians can contribute to a more secure and supportive workplace for everyone involved.

Students will be evaluated through written assignments, presentations, case studies, and practical demonstrations of defensive approaches. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, sensitivity, and evidence-based decision-making.

Practical Exercises:

  • Role-playing scenarios involving different special populations
  • Observational visits to care facilities catering to specific groups
  • Conducting interviews with individuals from special populations and their caregivers
  • Case studies to analyze and propose defensive approaches